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Hand-Drawn Portraits

Never computer-generated. Always the perfect, any-occasion gift.

Looking for the quintessential Mother's Day, birthday, anniversary, or "just because" gift? This is it!

custom game board

Custom Game Boards

Because all work and no play is much, much too boring.

Turn your passion, hobby, job or fantasy world into a bespoke, just-for-you, hand-crafted game board.

coffee filter holder

Gifts & Decor

You'll be the only one who owns it - because there's only one of each.

Absolutely unique, from beautifully useful garden pots to Pennsylvania Dutch inspired furnishings.

Tis the Gift Is …

… an online gallery of bespoke, custom-designed and hand-crafted art and gifts.

Each and every imaginative item is one-of-a-kind - which means you'll never find a copy in anyone else's home or office.

(We're currently building our site and inventory, so please check back.)